A tool to extend mobile services from offline to online

NIC gives companies and service providers limitless possibilities to create real time online services for their offline mobile users. By integrating NIC SDK to the Android applications, users can now access Internet without any need for data package or Wi-Fi. SMS technology on the background provides instant connection to the network.

Give your users unlimited access to the Internet no matter where they are.

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Online & Offline Transactions

Transportation & Travel

Social Media goes Offline

Limitless Opportunities

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Integrate NIC SDK with your Android application.

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Start making real-time API requests and engage your offline users.

CASE: Offline Ride for Uber

2017 we published Offline Ride for Uber – a native Android application that uses Uber's API with NIC technology. Uber users can now order Uber ride through our app without any Internet connection. Offline Ride for Uber has gained over 30 000 users organically and it is used by people all over the world.

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Order Uber without any Internet Connection on your phone. Available on Google Play


"Brilliant idea and working app. When I travel, this is one of my top apps for ordering taxi."

Offline Ride for Uber user

"I don't buy internet data package for my phone because it's expensive. I use Uber often and for this I used to buy package. After this app I don't buy data package and as SMS is included for free for me, I can just order Uber rides without internet. Waiting for Lyft version! Thank you very much...""

Offline Ride for Uber user

"It’s such a pain when you’re trying to order an Uber, but you don’t have internet access. Now you can do it with Uber without Internet, which allows you to order a ride via SMS even when you don’t have access to the internet. This is particularly useful if you’re a frequent international traveler or work/live in an area where internet access is spotty.The Best Product Launches of 2017

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